Have you ever noticed your fingers changing size?

As winter approaches you may notice that your rings are fitting differently than they had in the summertime. No need to panic! It's totally normal.

The change in size is due to your fingers trying to preserve body heat through a process called "vasoconstriction". Your body tries its best to keep as much heat in as possible, so it diverts circulation from far extremities. This is also why you'll find that your fingers and toes are much more cold and numb in colder weather and climates. 

In the summer or in warmer climates, your body will do the opposite. Blood vessels are dilated, and circulation is increased to the far extremities eventually pushing excess body heat out through sweat. This is why you'll find that your hands and feet are sweatier, and your rings are tighter.  


How this relates to ring sizing:

With many gift buying holidays coming up in the winter, it's important to remember that ring sizes fluctuate! Sure, you or your loved one may be wearing a size 5 now, but come August - depending on your body chemistry - your ring size could be a bit different. 

A few tips for getting the right fit and minimizing finger size changes:

  • Check your ring size throughout the year
    • Make a note! Is your size smaller in the winter? Larger in the summer?
  • Stick with your most comfortable, typical ring size
    • Chances are there is a size that usually fits you year round
  • Purchase a ring sizer here
    • Hold on to it to check in with your size when you feel your fingers shrink or swell
  • Wear gloves in colder weather to keep your fingers warm
  • Stay hydrated in warmer weather



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