Moss agate is a beautiful gemstone that has green and brown moss-like patterns inside it. You may have seen it before, but it's a relatively rare to come across it in a lot of jewelry. It's part of the quartz family and is used to make jewelry and for spiritual and healing practices. We picked it for collection XVI because it's extremely unique look and healing properties.

Moss agate is called the "stone of abundance" because it's believed to attract wealth and prosperity. It's also connected to nature and the earth, making it popular for those who love the healing power of nature. The stone is also believed to help balance emotions, promote self-expression, and encourage a positive outlook on life. It is also said to promote spiritual growth and development, helping to deepen one's connection to the divine.

Moss agate was the perfect choice for Collection XVI because of its natural beauty and its reputation for promoting abundance and creativity, two things no one would be upset to have a bit more of! The moss agate stones really take center stage in these pieces of jewelry. 

Faceted Moss Agate

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