There's a reason we can't keep our Jade Pendants in stock. Its hard to resist jade's luminous green hue & inherent allure, but this gemstone also has a centuries-long history of cultural significance within Chinese and Asian communities. 

In Chinese culture, jade is considered a symbol of purity, integrity, and immortality. It's unique translucence is said to reflect the inner beauty & virtue of the wearer. Jade has been used for centuries in Chinese art & jewelry-making, due to its symbolic significance as well as its beauty. 

This gemstone holds a special connection to the Chinese Moon Festival (also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival). The Moon Festival is a time for families to reunite & celebrate together. Jade has been linked to harmony, unity, and familial bonds, so it only makes sense that the gemstone would be a significant symbol in this holiday. There is also a famous myth of a Moon Goddess who resides on the Moon with her companion, Jade Rabbit.

In the modern age, jade has continued to inspire jewelry designers across the globe with its beauty & symbolism. In China, jade remains a cherished gift for important life events, symbolizing protection, luck, and prosperity. 

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